Fort Worth Pool Acid Wash / Power Wash

Drain & Clean

For the REALLY dirty pools, it may make sense to perform an Acid Wash. We have seen it all… Some pools look more like natural ponds (or a SWAMP) when we start, yet we get them sparkling clean. We specialize in the Deep Cleaning Acid Wash or Power Wash.
Your pool water should be drained every 4-6 years to help maintain and prolong the life of the plaster.  The total dissolved solids in the water build-up over time with the use of pool chemicals and can be damaging to both the tile and the plaster.  When performing an acid wash, we first drain the pool water with a submersible pump.  Muriatic acid solution is then poured over the plaster to whiten, remove stains and dissolve calcium deposits.  In addition, the plaster smoothness can be maintained over a longer period of time.  We then re-fill the pool, and add any necessary start-up chemicals, such as alkalinity plus and cyanuric acid (conditioner).

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